Friday, November 21, 2008

Well, We're Not A Society ....

Well, it looks like we didn't make it through the month going completely under the radar... we have been spotted by the E Street Film Society. This is what Cody's shameless promotion of Orange Peel Mouth gets you. Seeing that we're mostly about the theatre-going experience (and only sometimes, the movies we see!) rather then straight-up films, I'm restraining myself from feeling threatened by a possible blog rivalry. Though, I believe Cody is prepared for it, should it occur.

The E Street Film Society's current selection is Wages of Fear. I've actually seen this movie. I won't comment on it here, because that's what the Society is for. But I do recommend watching it with someone who is willing to yell out "INTENSE!" with you every time there is an intense scene.

DB of ESFS was also the mastermind behind Movie City USA. I was a fan, even though I didn't get all those Madame Tutley Putley jokes because the required reading the whole post. However, this is my favorite bit from Movie City USA, reposted without permission.

top 5 "cavemen-building-the-pyramids-with-woolly-mammoth movies":
5) 10,000 B.C.
4) Stargate (pretty sure there were some cavemen and mammoths in there somewhere)
3) Barton Fink
2) Meet Me in St. Louis
and at 1) Citizen Kane, still the Citizen Kane of cavemen-building-the-pyramids-with-woolly-mammoth movies.

Still makes me laugh.


DB said...

The blog rivalry is real. Deal with it, and may the best blog slay the weaker and drink of its blood. There is no other way.

I didn't yell "Intense!" when I was watching "Wages of Fear", but I did do the sharp intake of breath every time something intense happened. I do the same thing every time something shocking happens on "Lost".

I'm surprised that you didn't get the Madame Tutly-Putly was a hugely popular feature that was utterly accessible to all.

Anonymous said...

drink it's blood....

ohhh someone is so gonna watch Twilight via Netflix!