Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Last night's MNMN selection was Happy-Go-Lucky. The idea of the movie is that this woman is so optimistic it is unnerving. Or something like that. The film itself has no real plot. It's like looking at a random couple of weeks of her life or a few clips of things that happen to her. The idea is that nothing ever gets her down. Her bike gets stolen and she laughs. Her family is a downer and she laughs. Etc, Etc. At first she's just an internal optimist and one could dare say, a bit annoying. But then a few serious things happen and she's not just laughing, but examining life from an absolute positive perspective.

I have to say, I'm not too sure about this film in terms of plot (since it lacked one) or story or any of those things by which you judge movies. I left the theatre thinking "that was kind of weird and British". And now I realize that I have been thinking about that movie since it ended. In a time where "positive thinking" and "the law of attraction" are seen on Oprah and the Secret, it makes you wonder... how positive am I? Is my glass half-full? Is the point of the movie a reflection on what it means to be happy? Does optimism equal happiness? You have to wonder if she is just positive or if she is actually happy.

There were two key points in the movie, for me. The first was her interaction with a homeless man. I'm unsure of the point of this vignette, except to show her character's tendency for compassion and willingness to bring happiness to other people's lives (this is also demonstrated with her interactions with a student and with her driving instructor, showing the effects a person can have on other's lives). The most interesting part of this particular interaction was the portrayl of the homeless man, who was clearly unstable. I have worked with the homeless for a number of years and the portrayl really struck me. He went from being clearly incognitant to being completely aware of what was happening and his surroundings and then back again. I have definitely had the same experience with similar people. They are barking at an empty corner one minute and having a clear, controlled conversation with you the next.

The second point is a bit more light-hearted. That is, her love-interest is totally cute! I actually would have preferred the movie to have spent more time on the love-interest aspect, but maybe that would have deterred from it. The actor is Samuel Roukin and he's totally my type (well, one of my types, I suppose).

We almost saw the movie Role Models, but didn't feel like going to Natomas. Mike C says Role Models was surprisingly good! Although, Mike C says that Beverly Hills Chihuahua is his favorite movie of 2008, thus far. So, grain of salt.

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