Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie Mayhem!

Tonight is the last night of Synecdoche, New York at the Tower. This also means it is your last opportunity to make the Synec-douche joke at Tower. They'll appreciate it, trust me. Also ask the staff why there is no "e" at the end of the word on their auditorium mylars.

Who has Twilight fever?! I'll admit that I have read all the Twilight books (I was unemployed this summer, if I need a defense). Who doesn't love young adult fiction, though? I'm pretty pumped to see the movie with my friends, though we're not going to make it to the midnight showing (I don't think we're superfans by any means). I'm pretty excited to see Bella on the big screen, however, considering I pretty much hate her character.


Cody said...

Something I'll regret saying:

I listened to the first audiobook of the series at work. What can I say, listening to books is a good way to past the time, especially if they're pure fluff entertainment. It was like spending the day listening to a good Dawson's Creek/Buffy crossover.

amp said...

I would have totally gone to see Twilight tonight at midnight, but it didn't seem like I could drum up enough interest in you people to accomany me. I would have gone tomorrow night, but SOMEONE made plans. Saturday I have to go to the forest. So should it just be our Monday night pick?

madewell said...

oh man, I'd have gone to see it at midnight, but I thought we all had to go together... yuba girls see twilight and all that.

and it's not my fault the vivian girls are playing on friday!