Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spoiler Alert: the Final Destination movies aren't very good.

I'm not sure why I agreed to watch all three Final Destination movies in one day. It might have been my love of horror movies. It could've been the allure of spending a huge chunk of my weekend watching movies and eating pizza with some good friends. It might have been a subconscious desire to punish myself for the sins I've committed in my lifetime, as well as those committed my by forefathers. Whatever the reason behind my masochistic decision was, I must say it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would have been. Don't get me wrong, these movies are terrible. But the death scenes make it all worthwhile. Luckily for the viewer, each movie is written with enough expendable characters, that you rarely have to wait longer than 15 minutes for a blood and guts payoff. But why even subject yourself to that? Here's a video round up of pretty much everything worth seeing (other than Devon Sawa's awesome haircut.)

(Warning: If you have any interest in seeing these movies in whole, this will totally spoil what little enjoyment you might get. Also, if you don't like seeing blood and guts, you probably won't be too into this.)

Final Destination
Final Destiantion 2
2 in 1
Final Destination 3

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