Monday, November 10, 2008

Confessions of a holiday movie lover.

November and December typically bring out moviegoers in droves. The combination of dreary weather, Oscar-buzziness and holiday-themed fare create a sort of perfect movie-watching environment that I wait for all year.

Maybe it's something about all those happy families filling a void in my own personal history? Or years of waiting for the romantic possibilities that always seem to arise in movies that take place during the most wonderful time of the year? I can't quite fully explain it.

You'll see in the list of potential MNMN selections several Christmasy options -- a couple of smart, indie comedies, a couple of less-smart but still loveable mainstream comedies and one potential bomb featuring jokes about Hispanics.

When it comes to modern holiday movies, I'll be the first to admit they rank among my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. I mean, I recognize the difference between watching "Christmas Vacation" annually and paying full ticket price to see "This Christmas" (hello, holiday season 2007) or tuning into "The Family Stone" every time it's on HBO. Year-round.

I can't even really try to claim be exceptionally well-versed in beloved holiday fare like "White Christmas" or the original "Miracle on 34th Street." Yes, I've seen them, but I still would choose the 1994 version of the latter with Elizabeth Perkins and Dylan McDermott. Although "It's a Wonderful Life" does always make me teary.

Another confession: The only movie I've ever seen in the theater alone is "Deck the Halls," circa 2006. And I know better than to be particularly proud of that one.

As cynical as I am, it takes a lot to admit these things. But I do feel much better now.

P.S. Even as a big Christmas-cheer-in-film-enthusiast, there is no excuse for "Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas." I have to draw the line somewhere.


madewell said...

I think Home Alone is my favorite holiday movie. I'm not sure what that says about me.

Cody said...

Dude, I love Home Alone. It's kind of a toss up between that, A Christmas Story and Gremlins.