Friday, November 7, 2008

Things Cody Will Regret Saying

I haven't seen any movies this week since Monday, but that doesn't mean I haven't been to a theatre!

I stopped by the Crest last night for some popcorn. What I don't get is when people talk about popcorn being "fresh". I mean, I can definitely understand the allure of hot popcorn straight out of the kettle. And I totally get it when people don't want popcorn that comes from a bag at the theatre. Theatres should have poppers and pop their corn on the premises.

However, I don't notice a difference in TASTE between popcorn that was made today and popcorn that was made last night. Most of the time, theatres seem to go through popcorn pretty quickly and it doesn't last a long time. It's not like it's several DAYS old. I don't think that picky customers realize either.

Cody's new blog is all about regrets. Matthew's old blog is all about not posting regularly. Something Cody might regret: trying to pit two members of the same family against each other. Something Matthew might regret: telling me that I should call my blog "Monday Night Snore Fest". At least I blog, dude. (your turn to paint now, dude -- that one's for HeckaMax) I think he harshed my mellow.