Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Have Once Twice Please

I had more thoughts on popcorn this saturday as I was making a TON of it at work. That is my least favorite thing to do because it makes me smell like popcorn and I get hot. At the Sunshine it wasn't as bad because the popper was in the stand and not in a back room. Anyway, I think that popcorn straight from the popper is the best, but probably because it's really hot. Also, I think butter on popcorn is gross. And it makes your hands all greasy.

There's a few choices for MNMN. I think it's going to be either Role Models or Zach and Miri Make A Porno. We need some situation comedy in our lives.

I know this is straight up lazy, but here's an IM convo, that I didn't feel like just stealing the jokes from.

me: haor how everyone somehow came to see ONCE
Cody: hahah.
me: but they all said "I'll have ONCE twice"and you were like "yeah, I read that joke in the New York Times too dude""thanks for being the 50th person to say it to me this half hour"
Cody: heh.i love the repetitive jokes.well, i actually hate them.
me: a love-hate relationship, possibly?
Cody: yup."two young at hearts for young at heart"
me: ugh!I haven't worked the box office at the crest, so I'm rusty
Cody: ah.
me: you should've heard the way people screwed over "Volver"
Cody: haha, oh i did.vullver.
me: what was another one... we had another foreign film at the same time. Cache?
Cody: it's also funny to hear white folks overpornounce other language.
Cody: two for KEEN-see-a-nyer-A
Cody: it was also real good when we had "where in the world is osama bin ladin"
me: oh yes
Cody: cause everyone just said Obama.
me: how many obama's did you get
Cody: tons.


Cody said...

dang, couldn't you have at least edited all my typing errors?

madecreme said...

best prank call ever when Regine called Tower asking, "are you showing Where in the World is Barack Obama?"