Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modeling Solo

I went to the movies alone tonight. Going to the movies alone is always something that a magazine or an internet guide tells you to do. It's good for you or something. Like, why do you need company when you're sitting in the dark? Oh, we're supposed to eat dinner by ourselves no problem too. Just bring a book!

I used to go to the movies by myself all the time when I lived in New York. Part of it was my schedule, but mostly it was because I never had to pay. Most of the time I saw movies at the Sunshine, which just felt like watching a home anyway.

So, tonight I ventured to Natomas to see Role Models. I'd been wanting to see Role Models for awhile, but there was always something else to see. Turns out we should've seen Role Models all along. Mike C wasn't full of crap! The movie was pretty good!

With Role Models you pretty much get what you expect. It's totally funny. There's a lot of bad humor (by that I mean gross-out humor) but it's subtle. It's a lot of puns and euphemisms, which I appreciate. Not as much slap-stick or physical comedy. All-in-all, a pretty good time.

I actually enjoyed the solo moving-going experience, but mostly because I enjoyed the movie. I actually got involved in watching the film. If I hadn't liked it, I'm sure I would have become insecure about being there alone and annoyed that there was no one to give looks to whenever a scene was particularly painful. The worst part about doing things alone is that you think for a second that the other people around you might actually notice you and care and see that you're alone. And then you realize that no one cares and that's worse. But hey, if they movie is good and you're into it, you can totally tell yourself you're independent and call it a great night.

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