Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Amp took off for Germany, leaving me to celebrate Christmas on my own, or you know, with my family. However, she DID leave me with several Lifetime original Christmas movies. And that, really, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Last night I watched a little gem called "Noel". It has an "all-star cast" including Robin Williams, Penelope Cruz & Susan Sarandon. It's one of those lots of stories, entertwined type films. Characters meet by chance, etc etc. It really put me in the holiday spirit.

Susan Sarandon was a lonely single woman over the age of 40. Let me tell you, most Lifetime movies have a lonely single woman over the age of 40. Speaking to your audience, perhaps? Anyway, she's taking care of her mom who has Alzheimer's and is in the hospital. Robin Williams is visiting the patient across the hall who has no one. He's a priest. Later him and Susie spend the eve together and then he says her mom wants her to let go and she talked to him and Susie gets upset. Later, you find out that his character is actually THE PATIENT who is dying! Whoa! The Penelope Cruz storyline has to do with her finace being all jealous and her thinking she's preggers. There's this whole weird thing with this old man who thinks her finance is his reincarnated wife! At the end she comes to give her finance his Christmas gift and he says "where is it?" and she sayd "here" and puts her hand on her stomach. Now, THAT's drama!

Obviously, watching this movie was the best hour and 45 min I spent yesterday.


Anonymous said...

This post made me crack up.

Vince's Xmas Explosion 2005 is bumping!


Cody said...

Hey! How about a spoiler alert next time! That was next on my queue and now I know that part about her putting his hand on her belly!