Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Is It

We have some BIG MNMN news. We're now officially Regal Crown Club members. Hello $1 popcorn. Why did we wait so long to do this? We already have so many points!

We saw This Is It last night. I thought it was great, but I'm also 100% a Michael Jackson fan. The movie basically covered the rehearsals of his This Is It tour -- it was straightforward with some basic editing.

Reasons to watch:
-you get a glimpse at what MJ really was -- kind, a hard worker, an entertainer ("I want to play it the way the fans expect to hear it - the way they want it"), someone who says "God Bless" quite often
-you see MJ dance, sing and be amazing - he seemed perfectly healthy
-his clothes are crazy! and they're not costumes!
-you see the makings of a gigantic pop tour
-you hear all the old classic songs
-there are crazy videos and extras added to this tour and you see all of them

There was a little kid watching this movie next to us, and though it was slightly annoying that he talked the whole time, he was also a huge fan and danced for every song, which was kind of awesome.

Michael Jackson was an amazing performer - the movie is worth just seeing him do what he's best at.


amp said...

Let's not forget the really young, blonde guitarist -- probably the most badass guitarist I've ever seen. Her name is Orianthi Panagaris and she was born in f'ing 1985! I hear the band is reuniting to play a tribute song on the George Lopez show tonight.

amp said...

We totally forgot to commemorate the one-year anniversary of MNMN! How could we let this happen??

Anonymous said...

omg. How could we? We need to do something, stat.