Monday, October 19, 2009

No, it's not Juno 2.

So someone around here totally blanked on reviewing Whip It. To summarize, it's really enjoyable. Go see it and relish being a badass chick. Even though Drew Barrymore is quite possibly, in the words of J.La "too old to act like that." That Ellen Page is just downright adorable, I can't help it.

In other news, despite having the squeakiest seats ever, I'm pretty convinced that the UA Arden Fair 6 might be the best non-indie theater within a 10-minute drive. The crowd is always sparse and mellow (i.e. No thugs with three kids coming in halfway through the flick to run around the theater like Natomas, and the threat of being stabbed seems minimal unlike downtown). And Madewell thinks the surly old guy with the Amish beard selling tickets is her new BFF even though he's always grumpy. It's our new fave.

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Anonymous said...

it's true. There's something about that beard. Seeing a movie at Arden is worth it for the beard alone.