Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking Woodstock or Demetri Martin is cute

First, I'd like to share an experience about getting a call-in to Natomas. Now, I understand that call-ins are a privilege and I shouldn't complain. I do appreciate them. A lot. Especially since I work at the Crest like once every two months. Last night I called the Crest and got a call-in (plus 2 even!) for Taking Woodstock in Natomas. When I showed up at the theatre, they didn't have a record of it and they made me call my manager and have him call it in again. Now, I usually love Natomas because they have so many seats that they don't care if you're getting in for free. But this guy seemed to be on some sort of power trip. I mean, if I was willing to call right then and there, wouldn't that be a sign that I'm not lying? Or why couldn't he call them instead of having us all play phone tag? Or why was he just not friendly at all? Anyway, we were let in after we played phone tree and then we found out we were the ONLY people in the auditorium. Sweet. No whispering.

Things I took away from Taking Woodstock:
I still think Demetri Martin is cute, even if he's playing a gay man in bad clothing.
I still think Emile Hirsche is cute, even if he's playing a crazy ex-soldier
Lots of naked hippies.

I read the New Yorker review of this movie awhile back and I have to agree with their notion that it's a good idea to not portray the musical performances. You often hear music in the background, but you never see someone pretending to be Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. However, for a movie that's about a significant music festival, they don't mention the music all that often. I doubt it has much of a soundtrack.

I often felt like the film was a bit disjointed and even slow at times. It felt very much like "staring at hippies". There was a bit of breaking the screen into parts a la the era (I'm not a filmmaker and I don't know the term) which was interesting and also distracting. I think the feeling of the 60s was there, but the story wasn't completely compelling. I didn't feel like the main character had much of a transformation or an experience really. And he was at Woodstock!

I think the movie could be compared to Almost Famous - nerdy boy with outrageous people learns about life. But this one seemed to be a little lacking.


amp said...

I think I liked it slightly more than you. I mean, he had a crazy LSD threesome trip in the back of a van and came out wearing a poncho! Definitely not a tight edit, but it sort of fit with the hazed-out theme. And I'm always a sucker for a tough guy in drag. And people saying "far out" unironically.

Anonymous said...

we should try to incorporate "far out" into our vernacular.

I did like the tough guy in drag. I'll give ya that.