Thursday, August 6, 2009

(500) Days of Slightly Annoying Quirkiness

We have been slacking off on MNMN because, well, life got in the way. And there's not much you can do about that. But Tuesday, we pulled it together and trudged on over to Tower for (500) Days of Summer. Thanks to Cody for letting us in for free.

Also, Dear Tower: it was fucking hot in there. I'd appreciate it if you would turn on the air during really crowded movies. What was more clautrophobic? An airless theatre or a doomed indie romance?

Anyway, the movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, both of whom I love. I've had a long-standing crush on JGL for quite some time (love Brick, love Mysterious Skin, can pass on 3rd Rock from the Sun). And who doesn't like Zooey Deschanel? One time I sold her a movie ticket and she was quite pleasant. I'm also a She & Him fan.

The movie itself was... cute. Maybe a little tooooo cute. It's like that time the guy at the Crest wanted his money back because the movie was "too real". Anyway, the outfits, the little montages, the Ikea scenes, the make-up-in-the-rain segment was a little too much. And he's so tortured! I know that the story is about heartbreak and there were definitely parts that I identified with, but at some point you just want to tell him to buck up. Also, was I supposed to hate her? I'm not sure. She was really flightly and kind of a jerk, in my opinion. And totally selfish.

Additionally, the soundtrack was like listening to my "folksysmolksy" pandora station.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the movie, even though it was a little much. Is this movie supposed to be like the new Garden State?

Note: we did go see the Proposal, but it was so awful it was not blog-worthy and we discredited it from being a movie.


amp said...

At the risk of being shunned for questioning the quality of ZD's acting/singing/taste/worthwhileness, I have to ask: Are studios contractually obligated to write in a scene where she sings? And some of those pant choices were just bad. My coworker thinks she's the 20-somthing generation's Parker Posey, though. What do you think?

madewell said...

there is something Parker Posey about her.

and the pants WERE bad.

and I thought I read somewhere about the fact that she sings in the movie. Also to be noted, there is a She & Him song on the soundtrack, though I don't think it's in the actual movie.

nortagemdar said...

I had seen a trailer for that flick somewhere and thought it looked like something I'd be into... so I'm guessing by your review that mayhap I should wait for the DVD (so that a glass of wine can get the chance smooth over the rough edges)?

amp said...

Well, there IS a dance sequence that wasn't mentioned.

Cody said...

the dance sequence was the best part of the movie.

DB said...

It's no "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" is what you're saying, yes?

madewell said...

I just found out that Matthew totally walked out on it! I'll have to get his opinion...

nortagemdar said...
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nortagemdar said...

Well, boredom won out. I went to Tower and Kodiak generously granted access to see this "much discussed" movie. The flick basically reminded me of exactly how I felt with, like, every boyfriend I've ever had. You know. Like. Ever. (me = character Tom (not ZD whose character I decided to 'hate' and not sympathize with AT ALL)).
So while this flick DID bum me out and remind me to feel like an arse for falling for those non-interested people in my past... I did appreciate how "real" it was. I mean, if a movie can make me reflect then it must be doing something right. I dunno... I reckon a comment reply can't adequately summate my feelings on unrequited love.

I'm just bummed that I'm here at on online probably non-read reply-thread as opposed to at the rubicon tossing back $2.50 pints.

The good news is that the word verification is asking me to type in, "foxiness" which ain't too shabby. So, you know, life DOES have its perks.

madewell said...

man, word verifications are getting better and better.

foxiness is damn good.

Someone got "ushing" the other day which is just about awesome.